Treat your taste buds to the experience of a lifetime, and enjoy a multicourse dinner and culinary performance hosted by Executive Chef Dmitry Rodov.

A mind-blowing seven-course dinner with six uniquely cultivated wine pairings to accompany each plate harmoniously. Enjoy the night in our private hall that will truly make you feel like a VIP.

Please advise our service team regarding your dietary requirements, food allergies and dislikes and we will present you with a unique and delicious meal.

Executive Chef Dmitry Rodov has created the menu that is a symphony, a blend of heavenly tastes, incompatible combinations and traditional cuisine. The inspiration for hosting the secret dinner came from childhood memories. Every weekend I visited my grandparents, and they were making special dinners. I never knew what grandma was making for me until I sat at the table. I couldn’t wait for the week to be over, and I got a chance to taste those food surprises. The idea of serving dinner without customers’ awareness of the meal is meant to arouse interest in the ingredients and the charms, they have to spare. Uncertainty always attracts, and when it comes to haute cuisine, then there is nothing better for the receptors than waiting for a miracle taste.

**Reserve your seat for this exclusive experience ahead of time, as there are only 14 chairs available at a time. Dinner begins promptly at 7:00 PM.


$200 per person
+ Tax and 20% service charge

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