• Merlot, Domaine Raissac Duodecim, France 2017

    • glass price 12
    • bottle price 38

     With a deep ruby color, this wine's bouqet reveals aromas of red berries with hints of spices and dark chocolate.The well-integrated structure offers an eleant palate with a lingering finish.


  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Girasole Vineyards, California 2017

    • glass price 12
    • bottle price 40

    Taste of green pepper in the wine, along with tobacco, cassis, and dark fruits such as cherries, along with a hint of vanilla that comes from the wine aging in the oak

  • Georges Vigouroux Gouleyant Malbec de Cahors, France 2017

    • glass price 12
    • bottle price 38

    Deep, intense ruby red and purple hue. Like a diamond in the night! Marked presence of the fruit aromas in the attack with a good structure and nicely preserved tannins give this wine a long and succulent finish. Fresh taste of plum and blackberry. Notes of moka and coffee.

  • Belle Eaux , Pinot Noir, France 2019

    • glass price 14
    • bottle price 48

    Nice medium ruby color. Intense cherry aromas and hints of mint. The mouth is very well balanced, smooth and fresh, with flavors of raspberry and blackcurrant. The tannins are elegant and soft. Nice & spicy finich.

  • Shiraz, Silverleaf Churchview

    • glass price 12
    • bottle price 35

    Taste of black berries, slightly dried (morello cherry), elderberry, blueberry and blackcurrant) with a pleasant shade composed of strawberry mountain. Flowery (carnation, violet, red rose wilted) with spicy notes of blond tobacco, aromatic, licorice and slightly balsamic from a mixture of peppers. Light aroma, vanilla and woody, perfectly integrated and pleasant.

  • Bordeaux, Chateau Jean De Bel Air, France 2019

    • bottle 45

    This elegant red has a lot going for it – pure cassis fruit (from the 40% Cabernet), silky-smooth tannins (courtesy of the 60% Merlot), lovely vanilla oak and a freshness that keeps you wanting more – no wonder it’s got gold medals from top shows in Paris, Brussels and Miami.

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