• Chardonnay, Bodega De Arte ( Claroscuro), Argentina 2017

    • glass price 13
    • bottle price 45

    Balanced with aromas of tropical fruits and citrus married with subtle oak notes. The palate is a harmony of fresh yellow and white stone fruits that linger, finishing with a fresh and clean acidity.

  • Pinot Grigio, Castelforte, Italy 2016

    • glass price 12
    • bottle price 35

    Straw yellow in color, the wine shows delicate aromas of orange flowers, bananas and tropical fruit. On the palate, the flavors are savory, refreshing and contain notes that recall the fruit first felt on the nose.

  • Riesling, Aly Duhr, Luxembourge, 2004

    • glass price 13
    • bottle price 45

    The stony character of its terroir, added on flavours of rhubarb and quince, as well as stone fruit flavours give this Riesling a tight complexity, which hits all your taste buds with nearly breath taking intensity. Yet there are accents of dried herbs and floral notes as well.

  • Sauvignon Blanc, Attitude , France 2018

    • glass price 13
    • bottle price 45

    This wine has lifted notes of gooseberry and nectarine, underpinned with citrus notes. The palate is full with pure fruit flavors, yet balanced with a persistent, crisp mineral finish.

  • Sancere, B&H 2018

    • bottle price 55

    Sancerre made from Sauvignon is a fine wine, fresh and alert, dry and fruity in its youth. With age it seduces you with its suppleness and bouquet. The Sauvignon is characterised by a blend of mineral and citrus aromas.

  • Sauvignon Blanc , Kim Crawford, New Zealand 2018

    • bottle price 48

    A fresh, juicy wine with vibrant acidity and plenty of weight and length on the palate. Ripe, tropical fruit flavor with passion fruit, melon, and grapefruit.

  • Vouvray, Marie de Beauregard, France 2015

    • bottle price 50

    Nice balance between sweetness and freshness with a silky texture simply bursting with flavor of fruity aromas such as white peach and honeysuckle.

  • Renaudie, Touraine Chenonceaux

    • glass price 13
    • bottle price 45

    The grapes are picked at the peak of maturity and fermented at a constant temperature of 18°C, which produces a rich, elegant wine with a concentrated flavor. This wine makes an excellent accompaniment to all kinds of shellfish, as well as numerous fish and light starters.

  • Domaine Piron, Viognier

    • glass price 14
    • bottle price 48

    This richly structured wine offers red-berry flavors and acidity. The dry core balances the generous fruits. This balanced wine is ready to drink.

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